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I'm Having Trouble Logging In
I'm Having Trouble Logging In

Troubleshoot login issues

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There may be a few reasons why you are unable to login:

  1. The username or email entered is incorrect.

    1. Try manually typing in your username and password rather than using an autofill tool.

    2. Try resetting your password

  2. You are not currently apart of any organizations on Clio Draft

    1. If you have never received an invite to Clio Draft, you'll need to reach out to an admin on your account for an invite.

    2. If you were previously able to login, you may have been removed by an admin. Reach out to an admin on your account for more details, and/or to get reinvited.

  3. If you are experiencing something else, please use the live chat, on the bottom right of the screen and let us know.

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