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Protecting your data

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Clio Draft takes protecting your data seriously, inside and out.

So we've decided to release a new feature: Single User Login

Single User Login prevents two (or more) people from using the same login credentials to access Clio Draft.

You'll see some new messaging when you log in:

You'll see the same messaging after you've been logged in for 24 hours as well. We will auto-log you out at the 24 hour mark (some user's browser settings will not refresh the page at logout, so please be wary of this- edits made after the auto-logout will not be saved), but best practice is to always log out after each session in our platform.

Positive you are the only one logged in, and concerned with being logged out? Let us know!

Why did we do this?

The majority of our customers have been working from home and it has come to our attention that a large number of our customers are using the same login credentials at the same time to draft documents in Clio Draft which is causing data loss issues.

When two users share a login, Clio Draft's auto-save essentially doesn't know what version of the data to save, because it is receiving data from two different sources. This causes data loss, and overridden data.

What do you need to do?

Ensure that everyone on your team has their own seat within the Clio Draft organization, and their own login credentials.


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