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I Can't Download Documents
I Can't Download Documents

Fix download issues and site unresponsiveness

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Document download and site functionality can be blocked by browser or computer security settings.

The main reasons are:

  1. Your browser's popup blocker, or your adblocker add-on is blocking Clio Draft.

  2. You have a security browser like go daddy or duck duck go that is blocking Clio Draft.

  3. Your antivirus, firewall, or VPN is blocking Clio Draft.

  4. You are using a browser other than Google Chrome. We recommend using Google Chrome for best functionality. Safari tends to be sufficient, if chrome is not an option, but we do not recommend using other browsers like Firefox or IE/Edge.

Disabling popup blocker for Chrome

If your popup blocker is preventing a download, you will see a tiny red icon in your browser's address bar. (This will appear when you click Clio Draft's download button)

  1. Click on the icon and select the first option: "Always allow...",

  2. Then click "done"

  3. Refresh your page

Disabling adblockers

If an adblocker that is causing an issue, first locate the adblocker extension icons on the top right of your browser window, to the right of your address bar.

You will be looking for small icons, usually with a number attached, but not always. The icons can be many different shapes depending on the company, but common icon shapes are shields or stop signs.

Once located, click on the icon to open the settings, and turn off the blocker. This may be a checkbox, toggle switch, or other action required depending on the blocker type. Make sure you've checked through all your visible icons, then refresh your webpage.

I don't see adblockers

Sometimes extension icons are hidden. Try clicking the puzzle piece icon to see if any extensions are hidden away.

Disabling popups for Clio Draft on Safari

  1. Open Safari.

  2. In the top left of the window, click Safari.

  3. Click Preferences in the drop-down menu.

  4. Click the Websites tab found on the top row.

  5. On the left, select "Pop Up Windows"

  6. You should see Clio Draft listed in the website list (If you don't, open Clio Draft and start from step 1 in the Clio Draft window)

  7. Click the dropdown, to the right of the Clio Draft title, and select "allow"

Clearing your Cache

After you disable adblockers, and refresh your page, if you are still not able to download forms, you may need to clear your cache. Follow the instructions here do to do so:

  1. On a google chrome browser, right-click anywhere on the Clio Draft page.

  2. On the menu that pops up, click "inspect". (A big panel is going to pop up on the side or bottom of your screen- ignore that for now.)

  3. Next, on the top left of your browser page, click and hold your browser's refresh button until the menu pops up. Depending on your browser, you may need to refresh first, then click and hold, or alternatively, right-click the refresh button to surface the menu.

  4. On the menu, click "empty cache and hard reload". Your page should think for a second, then refresh.

  5. Once your page refreshes, you can close the panel that came up in item #2.

  6. Close chrome windows completely, re-open chrome

Depending on the type of computer you are using (Mac or PC),
​pop-up blocker and ad-blocker messaging may look slightly
​different than the examples on this page.


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